RFI/Sources Sought Support

It is important to understand the purpose and value of a Sources Sought/Request For Information (RFI). For agencies, they are trying to identify sources. They are trying to determine if there is potential for a small business set-aside or other type of set-aside.

For vendors, it is a chance to help influence the potential for a set-aside.

If capable companies do not respond, then a set-aside may be lost and the actual opportunity to bid will be competing against large business firms. The agency depends on the results of the market research. Occasionally firms call and say that they know that there are several small business firms that can do the work and they want to know why the buy is not set-aside. The problem is that none of the “capable” firms responded to the sources sought. They didn’t bother and figured they’d just bid when the buy came out. This is also a chance to be recognized as a potential source and to develop a positive image. This may be the agency’s first impression of you and your company. Your professionalism in work counts.

These services are designed to help the HUBZone business owner understand the importance of responding to RFIs/Sources Sought and obtain assistance with responding to them

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